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pro testifiers converge on a uc regents meeting in the bay area. the controversy deals with another proposed tuition hike. good afternoon. right now the uc boards of regence is considering whether to vote for a tuition increase. this move is not popular, but university leaders say they have no choice. ktvu's tara moriarity joins us
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live from san francisco now with details. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. that's right, within the hour we should be hearing whether or not uc regents board has voted for against the proposed tuition hikes. now, there are a couple students here and quite a police presence inside and out. in case things were to get out of hand. students dressed up in disney costumes to call attention to monica lozano who sits on the board, but disney's corporate board as well, with tax breaks with millions last year. so that's a conflict of interest they say. what is on the table this afternoon, a nearly 10% tuition increase on top of an already proposed 8% hike. alex transfers here in the fall and says he's already racked up debt paying for community
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college. >> you finally get to the uc, and there's nothing there for you there either. >> frustrating? >> i definitely agree. >> the state has $650 million, just two days before the start of the fiscal year, and this put the uc system in a pinch. >> we don't like it, but we've got to live with the reality and challenging times, and we'd like to see more stability in the future. >> are there any other options rather than raising tuition that you can make up that deficit. >> we cut to the bone. we've doing everybody possible. >> speakers at today's meeting said middle income students will be hit hardest by the hikes since many won't be eligible for financial aid. the undergraduate tuition would be about $12,000 a year, with other expenses that is about $31,000 a year, and students here say that sounds like a private college education. coming up at 5, rob will have much more on this story.
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>> thank you, tara. oakland police are investigating the death of a woman whose body would you found burning in the middle of a rockridge district street. police received several calls after 4:30 this morning, about a body in ivan hoe road. they're trying to determine if the woman was killed there or if she was killed somewhere else and dumped in the street. they have not released any information about a possible cause of death. >> right now, i just cannot get into -- i don't want to talk about details. i only want -- few people intimately involved to be aware of some of those details. so i just cannot answer that right now. >> officers say it is an unusual crime for the rockridge area, which is known more for quiet neighborhoods and shops. a morning accident took a terrible toll on a busy street in san francisco. a collision at the corner of octavia and oak street left one
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person dead and several others injured. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us live with new information on the investigation. jade. >> reporter: we're live in hayes valley, where just about 10 minutes ago we got an update from ucsf where the chancellor is expressing her deep sorrow over this deep tragedy, where police say a doctor lost his life at this intersection thrown from a shuttle bus. police say this shuttle was headed eastbound on oak when it collided with a tractor- trailer, carrying sedans. police say a doctor onboard the shuttle was thrown on to the sidewalk. paramedics could not revive him. newschopper 2 captured two of the three others hurt being taken to the hospital, with less serious injuries. the driver was one of those injured. all three are expected to be all right. the semi's driver was not hurt. shuttle is used daily by ucsf
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and san francisco general employees. a lieutenant says it appears both vehicles tried to avoid the accident. >> had the right away, whether there was lights, we don't know. so interview witnesses and passengers to see if they know anything about that. >> the accident this morning on octavia just off highway 101 won't be the last, says one neighbor we spoke to this morning. she said the city needs to install speed bumps and increase patrols to catch red- light runners. >> yes, it's pretty brutal. it's a fast-moving freeway, like going true a residential street some it's usually scary pedestrians trying to cross the street, having people run red, almost get hit daily. >> a few hours ago, this intersection was blocked off and traffic backed up. but police opened octavia here at oak around 10:30 this morning. the medical examiner's office has not released the victim's name just yet. pending notification of the family. 15 people were onboard the shuttle according to ucsf, and
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according to their press release they sent me as i mentioned 10 minutes before the show began, ucsf shuttle program is 30 years old, they say they transport millions of passengers every day. reporting life, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. oakland's police chief says he plans to hire the former acting chief of san francisco's police department. he is already given a job offer as oakland's deputy chief pending a background check. he was assistant chief to george gascon. before they he spent 25 years in the los angeles police department. the girl friend of the prime suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow is herself in custody, in las vegas, on drug charges. authorities arrested 26-year- old denise over the weekends on charges of trafficking and methamphetamine possession and possession of a dangerous
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weapon. she pleaded not guilty yesterday. los angeles police have considered her a person of interest in the stowe beating case after a witness reports of a woman driving the getaway car for the two men who beat stowe in the dodgers stadium parking lot. her boyfriend is the prime suspect in the beating case. meanwhile, stowe's family has posted a new message on its website saying the critically injured giants fan is showing new signs of improvement. they say he's now opening his mouth on his own when it's time to check his temperature, and stowe is enjoying tv shows in his hospital room. caltrans crews working to fix a big sinkhole on highwayy in san jose. it's on the south side of the freeway. the southbound sides of the freeway near west virginia street. it's a 30-foot gap under the median. the highway patrol closed one lane of the highway next to the median, and the alma avenue
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onramp. caltrans is estimating the repairs will take all day. agency officials say the sinkhole was probably caused by traffic vibrations and large trucks carrying heavy loads. the bitter back and forth continued today between democrats and republicans over the debt limit. sniped at each other this morning, congressional leaders scheduled to meet with the white house once again today to try to work out a deal. president obama has said he wants an agreement at the end of the week declaring enough is enough. in the meantime, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned congress again today that a default on the nation's debt would be calamitous. a scare late this morning in the south bay because of this accident and something the vehicle hit. the last week it was too hot. this week too cold. steve has the latest on when it may warm up in your neighborhood. also -- >> it's like any cards, for example. you love it, you hate to see it
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go, but you realize every vehicle has its time. >> as the astronauts say good- bye to the space shuttle, we'll replay parts of a live interview they did this morning with ktvu. sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store.
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firefighters evacuated five homes near san jose state university this morning because of a car accident that caused a gas leak. the vehicle crashed into a house at 9:15 and hit the gas meter on east st. john street. that's about two blocks from the campus. the gas leak has been capped and there's word that two people were injured. in india officials have not determined which militant group is responsible for a triple bombing that killed 18 people yesterday. monsoon rains are hampering the investigation. authorities say they are using plastic to protect evidence at blast sites and are trying to identify possible suspects in surveillance tapes, but the tapes show more umbrellas than faces. the blast occurred within minutes of each other in busy parts of mumbai, including a street lined with jewelry shops. the attacks bring back memories of 2008 bombings by pakistani gunmen that killed 164 people. a news corps telephone
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hacking investigation is expand to go include victims of the september 11th attacks. a source tells the associated press that the fbi has opened a preliminary investigation into the allegations, but the scope of the investigation is not i don't think clear. the scandal began with reports the journalists for british tabloid news of the world hacked into the phone of a teenage murder victim, which may have impeded a police investigation into her disappearance. today it's a last good-bye in grand rapids, michigan for former first lady betty ford. >> i am the resurrections and the life, say the lord. >> a final memorial service was held at grace church, where she and former president gerald ford were married more than 60 years ago. wife of former vice president dick cheney, lynne, was one of the speakers at the service. dick cheney, bill clinton, and barbara bush also attended the
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service. betty ford is being buried next to her husband on the grounds at the ford presidential museum. she died at the age of 93, on friday. bart's police chief reported to the transit agency's board this morning on the progress into his officers shooting and killed a man at civic center station on july 3rd. he told the board the san francisco police department is leading the investigation with the district attorney's office, the bart police and independent police auditor taking part. he says there's no time line for the sfpd to wrap up its investigation and the sfpd does not want to release surveillance video of the shooting. >> the logic behind this investigative read something so potential witnesses will call what they saw that night and not by what they view in the media. >> the board also took comments from the public. one speaker says bart should have a zero-tolerance policy for police shootings. another said the investigation
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should be left to authorities and objected to recent demonstration that disrupted bart service. ucla researchers are performing the second fda approved stem cell trial on two eye patients one volunteer has macular degeneration. another has another form of blindness. researchers say they are recovering but there's no details about the results. the first study involved the treatment of spinal injuries in atlanta, but researchers have not released any results on that study either. fewer people are lighting up in california. new state figures show the smoking rate has reached an all- time low. last year, 11.9% of adults in california smoked, that's down from 13.1% in 2009. and the rate is really down from 1988, when cigarettes were first taxed in california. back then the smoking rate was 25.6% for men, and 20% for
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women. ktvu news got a chance to become directly involved in nasa's final space shuttle mission. we spoke live to the astronauts onboard the international space station during the morning news. the astronauts said it's sad to soot see the shuttle program end but compared it to having a first car that you love. new vehicles may be needed to go back to the moon or mars. >> we're here talking to you from one of the crowning achievements of the space shuttle program, and that's the international space station. the shuttle was intergrail in constructing, building and putting all this together, 210 miles above the surface of the earth. >> they said the variety of the work so far above the earth is part of what makes space travel interesting. one day you're walking in space outside the space station doing the most sophisticate work imaginable, the next day you're packing food and fixing toilets. we asked if there will be a meal when the shuttle lands.
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>> you know, it's funny you should mention that, because if we launched on time on july 8th, our original landing was supposed to be july 20th, which is the anniversary of neil armstrong's landing on the moon. as it was, we've extended one day. we'll be landing on july 21st, a significant day nonetheless. and i've put some thought into how we'll reflect on the moment and perhaps we'll just save that until the wheels stop calling. we'll let you know then. >> the shuttle atlantis is scheduled to touch down in florida for the last time on july 21st. we want to point out mission specialist rex on the left of the microphone cal shirt grew up in san carlos. don't want to say what a difference a day makes but at least some sun is out. but the wind is whipping up and won't be very warm. temperatures on the cool, cool side. at least we had some sun for some, whereas yesterday it was
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a slow process. but we're getting a very blustery condition here and temperatures are cool. everything being enhanced by a system up towards oregon, which continues to just filter in this low cloud deck and also a strong, strong sea breeze. some of the low cloudiness has peeled off, and it is starting to head down the coast but there's still plenty where it feels like it's freezing out there. some of the lows this morning, north bay, because the lack of low clouds was patchy more than solid. 45, kenwood 46. pen grove, 47. mill valley 48. and novato 49. so it was chilly. right now some of the temperatures, we have have 70. two of them. santa rosa and fairfield. but a lot of 50s. 56, 58. san francisco and oakland, only 58. 67 san jose. and 64, that's it, for livermore. you can see the fog right there. to the north, things have cleared. still hanging on towards point reyes and then south pulls off the coast, pulls off the santa
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cruz coastline. but you see a surge like that almost out to parts of the east bay. still at this hour, that's an impressive fog bank. but the low continues to settle in. there's multiple systems within the system, and it just deepens everything. fresno, bakersfield looking for possibility of record low maximum temperatures today. not even breaking 90. as long as this system stays, another one comes in, our weather doesn't change that much. so low clouds and fog, at least we didn't have much in the way of mr. drizzle yesterday like we did yesterday. sun is out so we might need the sunglasses there. breezy to windy at times, especially coast and bay. more sun today than compared to yesterday. but still really cool and cold to mild. not too bad. some upper 70s for some but i mean, clear lake really cool. lot of 60s and 70s here. temperatures held in check by a good 15, 20 degrees for some, especially away from the coast. 180 is morgan hill. but san jose 74. sunny vail, 72. 59 half moon bay. 62 in the city. and i might be pushing it
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there, redswood city 70. palo alto 72. not much change if anything. maybe slightly cooler saturday. then i think we'll warm up a little bit sunday, monday. not a lot. >> thank you, steve. a federal judge this morning declared a mistrial in the perjury trial of former major league star pitcher roger clemmons. clemmons was accused of lying to congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. u.s. district court judge wilson declared the mistrial and apologized to jurors for wasting their time after prosecutors showed a videotape that contained information walton had ruled could not be used in the trial. there will be a hearing september 2nd to determine if there will be a new trial. san joseible airport is getting federal aid to help pay for an expanse project. the faa is giving the airport $7.5 million. the money will go towards extending the taxiway on the airport's west side. the entire project will cost $55 million, and wrap up in
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2014. the nominees were announced this morning for in year's prime time emmy awards. >> the nominations in the drama series category are -- boardwalk empire, dexter, friday night lights, game of thrills, the good wife, and madmen. >> actors joshua jackson of the tv show fringe and actress melissa mack cathy is one of the stars announced the minnesota series. the show starring kate winslet nabbed 21 nominations. madmen got 19 bids. modern family is the most nominated sitcom with 17 bids. the last three air here on ktvu. the 63rd prime time emmy awards will be presented september 18th at the nokia theater in los angeles, and it will be
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hosted by jane lynch. you can go to to find a complete list of the emmy nominations. go to the right now section on the front page. ahead, what the government had to say this morning about the jobless rate. harry potter fever burning hot, fans can hardly wait. ahead, what some of them are doing tonight.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks were positive at the
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start of the day but they've slipped into negative territory, thanks to some new consideration about comments that ben bernanke is making on the capitol hill today about the situation with the debt ceiling. the dow currently down 42, at 12,449. now, initially what brought optimism this morning, the labor department reported fewer people applied for first-time unemployment benefits last week. the government says 405,000 newly unemployed requested jobless insurance, and that is the lowest level in almost three months, more than 11,000 of those were state workers in minnesota, where the government shut down. without those claims, the number would have dropped below the 400,000 threshold that signals a healthier job market. the number of homeless facing foreclosure is down 30% from this time last year. but is it is not a sign of improving economic news.
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it's simply because most banks are taking more time to take back homes. the reason -- they're still working through foreclosures documentation problems, that surfaced last fall. experts say that could delay recovery in the housing markets until 2016. anticipation is building for the final harry potter movie premiere tonight. harry potter and the deathly hallows two is already getting rave reviews. in san jose the tech museum will host a movie premiere party tonight. harry potter fans are encouraged to dress up as their favorite character. as many as 400 people are expected at tonight's event. a red carpet will be rolled put to at 10:00. the premiere will begin at midnight and to accommodate fans that could not get tickets to the firsts show, an additional screening was added at 2:30 a.m. we have harry potter slide shows and fun facts on our website, just go to and click on the harry potter tab on the front page. coming up tonight at 5, a
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bay area soldier who was killed in afghanistan returns home. we're learning more about him. plus, it's a glimpse into the future. what the post office is telling some people who live here in the bay area about what might happen to their mail service. those stories and more coming up in our next newscast at 5. thank you for watching. have a great day!
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